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Karen Ragan-George




Posted on April 19, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Life in the time of COVID-19...

Today is April 19, 2020 and the entire world is in the midst of being ravaged by this terrible virus. In the US alone, there are almost 40,000 confirmed dead since February and almost half a million infected. Life as we knew it has virtually stopped.  We are on hold, and will continue to be on hold until a treatment or vaccine becomes available. The majority of Americans are behaving responsibly - staying at home and wearing masks when out in public, and keeping our distance. Unfortunately, there are those who believe that medical professionals worldwide are lying and governors are over-reacting. Yesterday, these fools decided to take their rebellion to the streets, irresponsibly gathering in large groups, most without masks, many with assault weapons, and some with children in tow. This reckless ignorance, this defiance in the name of liberty, will result in more unnecessary deaths and expose our medical professionals and other necessary workers to even greater risk. And their behavior was encouraged by the current occupant of the White House, who contradicted the very guidelines he issued the day before. I suppose we will find out how many more Americans will pay the ultimate price for this extraordinary stupidity and selfishness.

David and I stay home, read, play Scrabble, watch movies, and take long walks in secluded places. I've even had several self-tape auditions to help distract me from the incredible sadness that most of us are experiencing daily. One day, this pandemic will be over and I hope that the majority of us will have learned that real leadership matters and that we truly are all connected.


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