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Karen Ragan-George




Posted on September 16, 2017 at 2:55 PM

It is now mid-September and SO much has happened since March! Once you read the bullet points below, you'll understand why I haven't posted since the Spring. Here are the highlights...

  • March 1st: our landlord tells us she will not be renewing our lease and we are free to leave before our lease expires in October. Immediately start looking for a new place.

  • March 3rd: auditioned for UNSEEN, an indie tv pilot. Cast as the suffering mother a few days later, and shoot scene two weeks later.

  • March 5th: performed with an ensemble of women in "IN THE SHADOW OF NONE" at THEATRE WEST. It was an evening of monologues written by TW writers for each cast member. We followed up with three more performances, including an afternoon at THE MOTION PICTURE HOME in Calabasas. My monologue centered on womens' rights and independence and closed the show.

  • March: Cast in and shot CHRISTINE LOZANO's very funny comedy short, "THE BOOK CLUB," with super-talents JULIA SILVERMAN, IVY JONES, and JACQUE LYNN COLTON.

  • April 1st: After looking for comparable condo rentals in the area - and getting sticker shock - David and I decide to leave Los Angeles. Several places were considered before we chose ATLANTA - Hollywood of the South! There was more production there than LA in 2016 and (hopefully!) less competition for me.

  • April 8th: Helped produce a rock-n-roll fundraiser for (and at) THEATRE WEST. Big success!

  • May 3rd: Fly to Albany for STAR TREK Novel Writers event for David. Visit his alma mater SUNY Plattsburg, Fort Ticonderoga, and have a private tour of the Original Series Replica Sets housed in a museum in Ticonderoga.

  • May 8th: Fly to AUSTIN for a week-long reunion with my three sisters. Drive to SAN ANTONIO and tour THE ALAMO.

  • May 13th: Fly back to LA to pack, sell furniture, donate, and store what's left of our things.

  • June 15th: Fly to Tampa to help with and visit Dad. On April 26th, he fell in his home, broke his hip, and lay on the floor for 9 hours before he was found. He was admitted to the hospital for surgery and spent four months in rehab.

  • June 22nd: Fly from Tampa to Richmond for sisters-in-law JENNIFER GEORGE and ANITA SMITH's 25th Anniversary.

  • June 27th: Fly back to LA
  • June 28th: Final cleaning and completely empty townhouse rental
  • June 29th: Pack up the cars and David and I LEAVE L.A. The drive took five-days staying overnight in WINSLOW, AZ, SANTA ROSA, NM, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK and MEMPHIS (Did NOT get to Graceland....)
  • JULY 3rd: ARRIVE ATLANTA and move into our furnished condo rental at THE MAYFAIR TOWER in Midtown. 

  • July: Settle into our new life in Atlanta. See some plays, THE MOODY BLUES in concert, take a tour of the city, and even attend a protest against repealing ACA. Oh, and transition my hair from red to BLONDE.

  • August 9th: Fly to Tampa to visit Dad and help with his care. He's now in a nursing home with a very bad wound from the fall. We flew home almost a month later on September 2, 2017. Since we've been back, I'm nursing a broken pinky toe (happened in Florida) and dealing with being caught up in the EQUIFAX data breach. But on the brighter side, narrowing down headshot photographers and getting ready to start looking for acting work again!


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