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Karen Ragan-George


SNAPPED                                      Mary Bruno        Chad Cunningham, Director
SNAPPED                                      Hope Schreiner    Deborah Mitchell, Director      
Homicide Hunter                              Co-Star           Jeff Woods, Director
Dead Silent                                  Go-Star           Damon Russell, Director
Unseen (Indie Series Pilot)                  Guest Star        Liliana Tapia, Director
Superior Court (Ep. "Impounded")             Guest Star        CBS-TV (starring Raymond St. Jacques)
The Judge (Ep. "Burnin' Down the House")     Co-Star           Ralph Edwards/Stu Billet Productions
Dynasty  (Ep. "The Bracelet")                Co-Star           Irving Moore, Dir/Aaron Spelling Productions
Private Eye (Ep. "Blue Movie")               Co-Star           Pilot (starring Josh Broling


Gerry and Ruth                               Ruth              Jon Stewart, Director
Jane B.                                      Lead              Sam Lowe, Director
Only Easy Day                                Supporting        Tim Reischauer, Director
All is Foreseen                              Supporting        Sharon Mor, Director
The Book Club                                Lead              Christine Lozano, Director
HAIL, CAESAR!                        Featured (uncredited)     Joel & Ethan Coen, Directors
Paranormal Activity-Ghost Dimension  Featured (uncredited)     Gregory Plotkin, Director
Land of Canaan                               Supporting        Katie Doane Avery, Director
Lola                                         Supporting        Valeriya Elenskayav, Director
Nostalgia                                    Lead              Carlos Enrique Tejera Avila, Dir
Milla's In Trouble                           Supporting        Trip Loon, Director
Screw Quentin!                               Lead              Alexei Markov, Director
Amal                                         Lead              Soraya Hajaji, Director
Memories                                     Lead              Jon Sahagian, Director
Last Night                                   Lead              Nicholas Pineda, Director
Into the Light                               Lead              Nancy Friedman, Director
Chrismas Baggage                             Supporting        Lance Orion, Dir/100hr Film Fest
Caged Fury                                   Supporting        Bill Milling, Director - 21st Century Films
Secret Life of Carmen Lewis                  Featured          Isaiah Lewis, Director

CDC Training Video                 Doctor - Principal          Jordan Nowlin, Director
Blue Cross of Alabama              Mrs. Smith - Principal      Eric Wisler, Director
NASCAR Hall of Fame                Granny - Principal          Chris Walkman, Director
Floor & Decor (Commercial & Industrial) Janice - Principal     Joshua Jackson, Atlanta
Best Buy/Samsung "Game Night"      Mom - Principal             Amir Farhang, Dir - Caviar Prods.
Express RU - "Mr Cargo"            Airline Passenger-Featured  Hollywood Sky Enter.(Russia Only)
Don't Back Down                    Hiker-Featured              PFKMedia - Public Service Announcement

Driving Miss Daisy (TV Pilot)            Announcer             Will Mackenzie, Dir/Frank Pace, Producer
Head of the Class                        Mrs. Samuels          Howard Storm, Dir/Frank Pace, Producer
(Ep. "The Strange Case of Randy McNally) 
The Leather Apron Club                   Emily Green - Supporting   Theatre West, Charlie Mount, Dir, LA
Protecting His Family…                   Melissa - Lead             Theatre West, Darryl Vinyard, Dir, LA
Deadline                                 Beck - Lead                Theatre West, Don Moore, Dir., LA
The Reading Group                        Judge Wilson-Lead          The Complex Theatre, Los Angeles
The Chair                                Tina-Supporting            The Complex Theater, Los Angeles
Demons & Angels                          Mary Wollstonecraft-Lead   The Group Repertory Theatre (GRT), LA
Room Service                             Christine-Supporting       GRT - Bert Rosario, Director
Death of a Miner                         Mary Alice-Lead            GRT - Lonny Chapman, Director
Skid Row Memories                        Donna-Lead                 GRT - Cynthia Fancher, Director
Sly Fox (starring Lonny Chapman)         Miss Fancy-Supporting      GRT - John Petlock, Director
Come Back Little Sheba                   Marie-Supporting           Am. Thr. of Actors, NYC - Jim Jennings, Dir
Windsong                                 Lorraine-Lead              American Theatre of Actors, NYC
Street Life                              Angela-Lead                14th Street Playhouse, NYC

Kimberly Jentzen, Los Angeles - Scene Study, Improv, Character Breakdown
Bart Teusch, Manhattan Theatre Club, NYC - Scene Study, Script Breakdown
Elizabeth Dillon, HB Studios, NYC - Scene Study
Myra Turley, NJ - Improv, Character Breakdown, Scene Study


East Coast Swing, Hawaiian Hula Dancing, Softball
Accents & Dialects: NY, New England, Southern, Texan, British, French