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Karen Ragan-George


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Just a bit about me....

Many years ago, I performed in a variety of stage, TV, and film projects in New York City that enabled me to join SAG, AFTRA, and AEA. In the mid-80's, I moved to Los Angeles. I booked some acting and voice-over jobs, but not enough to make a living and eventually decided to do something else with my life. I worked in everything from TV production, to IT recruiting, to finally landing a position with a major motion picture studio in their Domestic Distribution Dept. But after almost 20 years of non-creative work, it was time for a change. I initiated early retirement and returned to acting.

The second time around, I achieved a bit more success performing in indie films, plays, industrials, and commercials - but, competing in LA against women who never left the business proved to be daunting. So, on the advice of my manager and other industry professionals,
my husband, writer David R. George III (websites:
and I decided to relocate to a smaller market where there would be less competition. We moved to Atlanta and in January 2018, I signed with STW, a great theatrical agency. I had more auditions in one week than my entire last year in LA! 
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