Karen Ragan-George


Agent: SUSAN TOLAR WALTERS                             Manager: KAT McENTEE 
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Just a bit about me....

Many years ago, I performed in a variety of stage, TV, and film projects in New York City that enabled me to join SAG, AFTRA, and AEA.  In the mid-80's, I moved to Los Angeles. I booked some acting and voice-over jobs, but not enough to make a living and eventually decided to do something else with my life.

I worked in everything from TV production, to IT recruiting, to finally landing a position with a major motion picture studio in their Domestic Distribution Dept. But after almost 20 years of non-creative work, it was time for a change. I initiated early retirement & returned to acting.

The second time around, I achieved a bit more success performing in indie films, plays, industrials, and commercials - but, competing in LA against women who never left the business proved to be daunting. So, on the advice of my manager and other industry professionals, I decided to move to a smaller market where there would be less competition. We moved to Atlanta and in January 2018, I signed with STW, a great theatrical agency. I had more auditions in one week than my entire last year in LA! 

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